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If you are

talented, inspired and ambitious,

then join us!

Hubei Bailihuang Tourism Group (HBTG) is an enterprise group integrating tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry, and culture and sports industries. Located in Yiling District, Yichang, it is committed to the development of tourism resources, tourist attractions, hospitality, catering, agriculture and animal husbandry, culture and sports industries, and the development of wellness real estate. It has established the industrial integration model of "tourism + agriculture + culture and sports". Known as the "Steppe in South China", the Bailihuang Park managed by the group has built a holiday and tourism product system characterized by enjoying flowers in spring, evade the heat in summer, tasting delicious food in autumn and skiing in winter. The park receives 650,000 tourists a year and has been approved as a "National AAAA Tourist Attraction", "National Sports Industry Demonstration Unit" and "National Water Park". The group adheres to the talent concept of "respecting talents, developing talents and sharing value with hard workers", builds development platforms that carries the dreams of entrepreneurship, realizes the life ideal and bears the social responsibility, and maintain a workforce of aspiring young people who are full of vitality and pursue their dreams. The park is creating a "National Leisure Tourism Resort ", a "National AAAAA Tourist Attraction" and a "Rural Revitalization Demonstration Area". To facilitate the efforts in applying for the three designations, the group is looking for elites and invites investors and businessmen for the premium stalls in the park. If you are "talented, inspired and ambitious", join us! Bailihuang Tourism Group makes your dream come true.








Reserve cadres

15 (RMB 3,000-5,000 / month)

Requirements: University degree or above in business administration, tourism management, human resources, scenic area operation, marketing planning, engineering management, Chinese language and literature, finance, accounting, agriculture, animal husbandry or other related specialties. 3-5 years of working experience is preferred.


Publicity planner

5(RMB 6.000-8.000元 / month)

1. Major in media, university degree or above, under 35 years old;

2. Strong ability in news writing, publicity, promotion and planning with a certain photographic background



Marketing representative

5 (RMB 3,000-8,000 / month)

Requirements: Male, major in marketing, enterprise management, tourism management or other related specialties, university degree or above, under 30 years old (the education conditions may be loosen for those with rich experience and excellent ability); applicants who have more than 3 years of experience in charge of 4A or above parks or resorts at or above the provincial level are preferred.



Park docents and guides

5(RMB 2,100-4,000 / month)

1. Male or female, strong expression ability, vivid, rich and interesting explanation;

2. Strong sense of service;

3. More than three years of tour guide experience is preferred.



Ticket sales clerks, receptionists, cashiers

10 (RMB 2,100-4,000 / month)

Requirements: Male or female; good image and temperament; careful work; standard Mandarin.


A1 license-holding bus driver

5 (RMB 4,500-5,000 / month)

Requirements: Male, under 50 years old, A1 driver license, more than 5 years driving experience, good health, proficient driving skills, no accident record.



2 (RMB 4,000-6,000 / month)

Male, 25-45 years old, hard-working, solid basic ability, skilled.



5 (salaries to be negotiated)

1. Major in architecture, industrial and civil building, civil engineering or other related specialties;

2. At least 2 years construction experience in fields related to civil engineering;

3. Proficiency in the preparation of bills of quantities and price lists and in the use of budget software, and familiarity with the construction site work flows and milestones;

4. Proficiency in CAD drawing.


Greening engineer

5 (salaries to be negotiated)

Requirements: Male, knowledge of landscape planning and maintenance, certain experience in greening project construction.



Safety supervisor


5 (salaries to be negotiated)

Requirements: Male, 25-45 years old, hardworking, familiarity with the activities of workplace safety, knowledge of enterprise workplace safety, and strong ability of organization and coordination.






Seasonal temporary employment



Room service worker

10 (RMB 2,000 / month)

Requirements: Male or female, under 50 years old, good image and temperament, and strong sense of service.


Cleaning worker

5 (RMB 2,000 / month)

Requirements: Male or female, under 50 years old, good health, and strong sense of service.


Breeder of racecourse

 5 (RMB 2,500 / month)

Requirements: Male, under 48 years old, good health, hard-working, and strong sense of service.


Security guard

5 (RMB 2,100 / month)

Requirements: Male, under 50 years old, good health, and strong sense of service.


Camp attendant

8 (RMB 2,100 / month)

Requirements: Male or female, under 50 years old, good image and temperament, and strong sense of service.







After successfully passing the unified interviews (initial and re-evaluation), the candidates will be given a probation period of one to three months. After the probation period, qualified candidates will officially employed by signing labor contracts and are eligible for following benefits:

Allowances: Female employee allowance, seniority allowance, diploma allowance, skill allowance and year-end bonus.

Training and promotion: Excellent employees have opportunities for paid study / visits, RMB 5,000-50,000 per person year of learning fund, competition for recognition and rewards, and promotion of position and salary level according to performance in work on a yearly basis.

Health and security: Social security plan, accident insurance, and annual physical examination.

Support: Four days off a month, travel and vacation arrangements for excellent employees; free board and lodging, gifts for holidays; free admission into the park for employees' family members.






Send your resume (document named after the "target position + name") and scanned copies of relevant certificates to: (Bailihuang Tourism Group's email address). The group's General Office will inform the successful candidates for interview by phone after the preliminary examination.

In-city office address: No. 253, Yixing Road, Yiling District, Yichang Municipality (office building of Management Committee, Yiling East Pilot Area)

Tel: +86-717-7829870

+86-18571003699 (Ms. Mou, manager), +86-1507197291 (Ms. Zheng)

Park office address: Bailihuang Park, Yiling District, Yichang Municipality Tel: +86-18571003699 (Ms. Mou)

WeChat public account: bailihuang888


Bailihuang Wellness Real Estate Co., Ltd


1. Channel specialist / supervisor: 4


Good image and temperament, honest and trustworthy, hard-working, strong team spirit, strong communication ability; good organization and coordination ability, work under high pressures; a wide network contacts and social resources.



2. Planning specialist: 1


More than 2 years of working experience in real estate project planning, those who have participated in cultural and tourism projects are preferred; good creative planning ability for projects, bold and innovative thinking, profound writing skills; good communication ability and logical thinking ability, right working attitude, strong learning ability, and readiness for certain pressures.


3. Sales supervisor: 1


More than 3 years of experience in real estate marketing and the same position; excellent marketing skills, experience in cultural tourism projects is preferred; meticulous and rigorous working attitude, a high degree of enthusiasm and responsibility.。


4. Real estate consultants: 4


Good image and temperament, good communication ability and execution ability; practical, patient, and careful working attitude, strong sense of service; experience in real estate sales, tourism, insurance and other work is preferred.





Successful candidates will be provided with high base salaries + high commissions + insurance + promotion mechanisms + bonuses to be negotiated in detail



Contact person: Wang Xiaoliang +86-13872507766

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We warmly welcome talents from all walks of life to join us and seek common development.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us immediately.


Time of issue:2019-07-25 00:00:00


Time of issue:2019-07-25 00:00:00
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