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Scenic introduction

Scenic introduction

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Grasslands on Cloud in the Three Gorges Region --- Romantic Place of Pure Love --- Summer and Wellness Retreat

There are unique and attractive alpine grasslands rarely found in other places in South China 60 kilometers from the world famous Three Gorges Dam in Yichang, Hubei. Ouyang Xiu, a writer of the Song Dynasty, left a famous line, "Houses are hardly found in the wildness, farmland is also rare". The Love under Hawthorn, an award-winning film directed by famous director Zhang Yimou, was shot here. It is also a National AAAA Tourist Attraction, a National Sports Industry Demonstration Unit, the only National Water Park in Hubei, and one of the first Study Tour Bases in Hubei. Known as "Steppe in South China" and "Romantic Place of Pure Love", the Yichang Bailihuang Park & Resort covers a land of 42 square kilometers with altitude of 1,200 meters in average, temperature of 20°C in summer, 13,000 negative oxygen ions / cubic centimeter, functioning as a "Natural Air Conditioner in South China". Breast-shaped mountains rise high and extend for thousands of miles. On the top of the mountains are vast green grasslands partially hidden in cloud and merge with the sky. The park is home of alpine grasslands, extraordinary trees and weird rock, a fascinating sea of cloud and astronomical phenomena, forests and valleys, and other scenery. Especially, the pine forest of ten thousand mu, the dwarf stone forest at one thousand places and the tens of wind turbines in cloud are unique features of Bailihuang. Famous for flowers in spring, coolness in summer, leaves in autumn, and snow in winter, the scenery is unique and varying. Herds of cattle, horses and sheep eat on the grasslands just like a picture depicted by the old poem "Far sky, vast land, sheep are seen when the grass is blown low by the wind". The park has opened the Comprehensive Reception & Service Area, the Forest Sea & Snow Plain Resort, the Outdoor Development Experience Area, the Hawthorn Tree Cultural Leisure Area, the Tent Camping & Barbecue Area, and the Cloudy Racecourse & Amusement Area. Here, you can experience the thrill of drifting in the air, climb up the skywalk glass bridge while watching the rolling clouds between the distant mountain peaks, feel the speed and passion of the Colorful Alpine Slide and rapid grass skiing, drive a mountain go-kart freely, watch the real-scene horse battle performance, and ride a horse and shoot arrows on the horseback in the Cloudy Racecourse. You can also take a paraglider to soar in the blue sky and overlook the Three Gorges. Enjoy camping, barbecue, roast whole lamb, outdoor movies, bonfire revelry, and the romance accompanied by beer and music. Mountaineering, go-kart racing and lawn weddings make your trip impressive and worthwhile; real CS field battles, helicopter sightseeing and other shocking experience rides are also open. Come to evade the heat in summer, and play with snow in winter. Like a fairyland, the Bailihuang Wellness Resort Town is a place for healthy life. Next, Bailihuang will be further developed to be a "National AAAAA Tourist Attraction", "National Leisure Tourism Resort” and "Rural Revitalization Demonstration Area" centering integration of agriculture and tourism, leisure and vacation, and wellness and summer holiday.

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